Hi there,

My name is Colin Curtain and I am from Australia. I am currently completing a PhD evaluating computerised clinical decision support.

I have many interests including medical/pharmacy, computer programming, research, statistics and clinical decision support. I also like to support free software – all my computers run Ubuntu or CrunchBang and I have nearly completed my PhD thesis using LibreOffice and Zotero. This is despite some misgivings from one of my supervisors.

I also must mention R as the stats program of choice. This is where my interest in RQDA came from, which then led to this project.

I have recently been learning python programming and this led to the development of PyQDA among other things. I thought I would share this program in the hope that it may be help others. This is an early version so bugs are likely and functionality could be extended.

I like learning and experimenting, so the development and promotion of free open source software using services such as wordpress and github has my brain cells ticking over.


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